Howtoleadmanagementor picHow to Lead, Manage, and Mentor Your Team

Product description:

This program will guide you through 12 sessions on key topics to help you be the best manager you can be.   Your investment for these twelve 30-minute sessions is $297.00. If two people in an organization would like to do this program, the first enrollment is $297, and the second is $97. That entitles each person to get their own audio and power points, their own workbook and their own hour of coaching with me. So, for every $297 registration, you have the opportunity to register a second person for just $97.  It can double your learning if you have someone to talk to as you work through the program!

For this investment you will receive:

  • A link to the 12 teleseminars
  • The power point slides that accompany the teleseminars
  • Over 100 pages of resource materials and exercises that you can refer to again and again
  • AND an e-copy of my latest book Things I Wish I’d Known When I Became a Manager
  • Registration also includes 1 hour of one-one one coaching with me. To book your time, go to and sign up in any of the spaces reserved for “Management Coaching”.

How to Lead, Manage and Mentor Your Team


How to Manage Change that Sticks with Less Stress

Product description:
My agenda is based on three sides of change:

  • A change that you have initiated: Maybe it is a career change, a new home, marriage or a break-up, or a move to a different lifestyle. What can you do to make that change easier?
  • A change initiated by somebody or something else: maybe you’ve lost your job, a relationship has broken up or you’ve had to move for reasons beyond your control. Maybe it is a setback you didn’t expect—illness in the family or a new boss who wants to do everything differently. What can you do to make that change easier?
  •  A change in your company, and now you now must help others manage that change. Maybe you have a merger or an acquisition, new processes to adapt to, a different software to use, or policy changes to incorporate. What can you do to make that change easier for everyone to handle?
Change is necessary, beneficial, and easier than we might think.
Price: $19.97


Self Confidence: The Secrets to a More Confident You!

Product description:

Come with me as I reveal 25 secrets to gaining the inner strength and
confidence to go out and do what you always dreamed you could.

Price: $19.97

Optimism and Abundance for a Better Life

Product description:

Let’s discuss how to change ones outlook on life so that we great the world with a smile.
We’ll talk about focusing on our own achievements, rather than the things we don’t have
and how to enjoy that sense of contentment for long term benefit.

Price: $19.97

Setting Goals

Product description:

Join me as we discuss how to set goals, which goals to prioritize and how to break them down into steps.
We’ll also talk about some of the reasons that we don’t meet our goals, and how to avoid fear of failure.

Price: $19.97

Your Personal Journey to Excellence

journey-to-excellance-e1380509811288This program will guide you through 10 sessions on key topics to lead you to excellence.  Your instructor Kaye Parker is offering the 10 sessions at $197.   This will allow you to watch them online, and replay them and/or download them to your ipod.

This product includes the suggested workbook sent to you electronically that includes the information in the teleseminar, additional exercises and a Suggested Reading List.

*25 of my favourite quotations
*100 of my favourite affirmations
*A FREE 60-minute session on Making Changes that Stick

Please note:  The Basic Package includes the Teleseminars ONLY, and does not come with the workbooks or other extras.


Managing your time (2 sessions)
Standing up for yourself (2 sessions)
Developing your emotional and positive intelligence  (2 sessions)
Communicating to build trusted relationships (2 sessions)
Personal mastery competence (2 sessions)

Your Personal Journey to Excellence

Kaye’s Quotes

Executive ability is deciding quickly and getting somebody else to do the work. — John G. Pollard